Questions for: 'Today's Energy Jobs Are in Solar, Not Coal' – New York Times

April 26, 2017 Article of the Day By CAROLINE CROSSON GILPIN Article: Today’s Energy Jobs Are in Solar, Not Coal Before Reading Study the graphic above, or in a larger format at the top of the article. Notice that the three boxes on the left (natural gas, oil and coal) represent energy generated from fossil […]

NYC can lead the solar energy revolution – Crain's New York Business

Imagine capturing all the solar energy that beats down on New York’s rooftops every day. We could power our homes, schools, offices and even our cars, buses and trains with clean and virtually limitless sunshine. Local leaders in New York and other cities across the country can help all of us lead a major transition […]

Father & daughter architects open firm together in York – York Daily Record/Sunday News

CLOSE Jim and Adrienne Williams are a father-daughter team at Williams Architects in York Paul Kuehnel Adrienne, left, and Jim Williams are a father-daughter team at Williams Architects in York. Adrienne, 28, left a firm in Lancaster and went into business with her father.(Photo: Paul Kuehnel, Paul Kuehnel) Adrienne Williams isn’t following in her father’s footsteps […]

Meet the women turning rags into $250 dresses at New York Fashion Week – MarketWatch

Getting trashed at Fashion Week is high on the list for these celebrities — this season it’s all about donning designs made entirely from “garbage.” The frocks — part of a “zero-waste” capsule collection — are created by stylist Claudine DeSola and fashion designer Tabitha St. Bernard and will be made in front of customers’ […]

Eco-friendly magazine won't be killing trees anymore | New York Post – New York Post

Rodale’s Organic Life won’t be contributing to the compost heap any longer. The eco-friendly lifestyle magazine said Friday its February/March issue will be its last in print as it switches to an all-digital format. The suspension of print after only 12 issues of the bimonthly title is a blow to Rodale Chief Executive Maria Rodale, […]

Is New York Ready for Solar Power? – New York Times

By KAYA LATERMAN September 30, 2016 Solar power in New York City may finally be having its moment. The number of residential projects across the five boroughs has risen to more than 5,300 this year from 186 in 2011, according to state officials, and there are another 1,900 in the pipeline. The solar boom has been prompted […]

Brand to Know: Basics That Champion an Eco-Friendly Agenda – New York Times

September 20, 2016 On the Verge By HILARY MOSS To prepare their newest goods, the designers Bobby Bonaparte and Max Kingery bought turmeric in bulk — 15 pounds, to be precise; their Los Angeles workshop continuously smelled of simmering curry in the weeks before they headed into production. They were perfecting the marigold hue that […]

New York Firm Harrison Green Says Landscape Architecture – Architectural Digest

Urban dwellers need only look outside their windows to recognize that landscape architecture is currently enjoying a new golden age. Take, for example, the intricate yet appealingly simple garden designs of Damien and Jacqueline Harrison, principals of the New York–based firm Harrison Green. With inspirations that range from established greenery experts (the venerable Russell Page) […]

Apple Becomes a Green Energy Supplier, With Itself as Customer – New York Times

By DIANE CARDWELL August 23, 2016 PALO ALTO, Calif. — The words are stenciled on the front of the Apple Store, a glass box sandwiched between a nondescript Thai restaurant and a CVS pharmacy in downtown Palo Alto: “This store runs on 100 percent renewable energy.” If Apple’s plans play out, it will be able to make […]