High-rises are energy hogs, not climate solutions – Crosscut

The City of Seattle has declared itself a leader in the effort to mitigate the effects of climate change, having committed itself to achieving “carbon neutrality” by the year 2050. It’s an admirable goal, but it is not at all clear how the city plans to get there. There are outstanding regional examples of sustainable […]

Local group urges Arlington Heights to consider “green” solutions to help reduce flooding – Chicago Tribune

Members of a local grassroots environmental group are urging officials in Arlington Heights to consider “green” solutions as part of the village’s estimated $ 41 million in upcoming stormwater management projects that aim to reduce flooding. Mary Jo Warskow, a member of the Arlington Heights Cool Cities Coalition, said she planned to meet this week […]

Sustainability Summit seeks environmental solutions from students – Daily Nebraskan

It’s an event for students interested in helping create a better and more sustainable community for now and for the future. The second annual Sustainability Summit will be held Sept. 6 in the Nebraska Union. The Sustainability Summit will be hosted by the University of Nebraska-Lincoln’s environmental studies program. The event will kick off with […]

San Juan, Tallahassee: Same mosquito menace, different solutions – Tallahassee.com

The Zika virus’ long-term effects are largely unknown. Trying to convey a message of safety to a population used to dealing with mosquitoes and mosquito-born illnesses is a challenge for emergency managers and medical professionals in Puerto Rico. Kelly Jordan, USA TODAY Florida and Puerto Rico are on front line in the battle against Zika. […]

KKR & Co. (KKR) Makes Significant Investment in Resource Environmental Solutions – StreetInsider.com

Get under-the-radar research with StreetInsider.com’s Stealth Growth Insider FREE, with no credit card needed for the first several months of publication. Join here. Resource Environmental Solutions, LLC (“RES”), a leader in the ecological solutions market, today announced that global investment firm KKR is making a significant investment in RES to support its next phase of […]

Politics, not ignorance, may pollute support for pro-science solutions – Science Daily

Mentioning politics in a message about an environmental issue may turn people — even people informed about the issue — away from supporting a pro-science solution, according to a team of researchers. In a study, conservative participants who were asked to react to a message about excess water runoff showed lower support for an environmental […]

Edible Answers to Insomnia? A Search for Nutritional Solutions for Sleepless Nights – KQED

Darn. It’s the third night in a row that I’ve woken up at 3am feeling wide-awake. And I’ve done everything I’m “supposed to do” for a successful night of sleep: pulled a blackout curtain tightly across my window, have a fan blowing to ensure a cool climate, and put in ear plugs to block out […]

Solutions for Stormwater in Seattle – Huffington Post

Swale in Seattle is designed to slow rainfall and filter pollution. Credit: Paul Joseph Brown I’m pleased to be sharing my byline today with Mike Stevens, who leads our Washington State Chapter. Earlier this year, I had the opportunity to visit Seattle — a city that knows rain — and to see some of the […]

Solutions to California's Water Crisis Have Already Been Implemented Abroad – NBC Bay Area

A three-month-long investigation by NBC Bay Area found several solutions to manage California’s drought, even without more rainfall, but experts say it’s a matter of putting those technologies to good use and streamlining government regulations and financial incentives in order to encourage people to use them. Despite the expectation of record rainfall from El Niño […]