FT: The Big Green Bang: how renewable energy became … – ScienceBlogs (blog)

A happy story for once. Isn’t that nice? The Big Green Bang: how renewable energy became unstoppable (archive) from those commie pinkos at the FT: …the disruptive impact of green energy on companies — and entire industries — around the world. After years of hype and false starts, the shift to clean power has begun […]

Southampton Town Passes 100 Percent Renewable Energy Goals For 2025 – 27east.com

May 10, 2017 11:13 AM By Jen Newman Southampton Town recently set a goal to move the entire municipality to renewable energy sources by the year 2025, although some town officials have voiced concerns about a lack of details. Introduced by Southampton Town Supervisor Jay Schneiderman and Town Councilman John Bouvier, the stated objective is […]

India Secures $500 Million For Dedicated Renewable Energy Transmission Project – CleanTechnica

Green Economy Published on March 20th, 2017 | by Saurabh Mahapatra March 20th, 2017 by Saurabh Mahapatra  India’s state-owned power transmission infrastructure developer has signed an agreement for $ 500 million in debt financing to set up dedicated transmission lines for renewable energy projects. Last month, Power Grid Corporation of India (PGCIL) reported that it […]

The tipping point for renewable energy is nearly here – MarketWatch – MarketWatch

Renewable power is taking off around the world and fast approaching a tipping point in its development. Consider these recent developments: Recent solar-power capacity auctions have come in at record low levels, underscoring how quickly the costs of renewable energy are falling: $ 0.053/kwh in India, $ 0.035/kwh in Mexico, $ 0.024/kwh in Abu Dhabi, […]

Where the US Uses Renewable Energy – Motley Fool

This podcast was recorded on Feb. 2, 2017. Sean O’Reilly: According to a new report from the Environmental Defense Fund’s Climate Corps Program — Taylor Muckerman: Say that one more time? O’Reilly: Environmental Defense Fund’s Climate Corps Programs. Say that five times fast. Muckerman: No, that’s all you. O’Reilly: Environmental Defense Fund’s Climate Corps Program. […]

Harvard Makes An Eco-Friendly, Renewable Battery Than Can Run For 10 Years Straight – Indiatimes.com

Stop stressing about your constantly draining phone battery for one second, and let’s appreciate what the good guys at Harvard have accomplished here. Researchers at Harvard have built a ‘flow’ battery that’s capable of lasting for up to 10 years, and it can even power your house for that duration. This is a milestone in […]

Scotland Eyes 50 Percent Renewable Energy by 2030 – Climate Central

By Severen Carrell, The Guardian The Scottish government has taken the first steps to heavily cutting the country’s reliance on North Sea oil and gas after calling for 50 percent of Scotland’s entire energy needs to come from renewables. In a subtle but significant shift of emphasis for the Scottish National party after decades championing […]

Christmas Day 2016 sets new UK record for renewable energy use – The Guardian

Figures show that about 75% of renewable energy produced on Christmas Day came from wind turbines. Photograph: Danny Lawson/PA Christmas Day was the greenest on record for energy generation, according to the power group Drax. The company said more than 40% of the electricity generated on the day came from renewable sources, the highest ever. […]

Kasich breaks with GOP, keeps renewable energy standards – Cincinnati.com

Show Thumbnails Show Captions Last SlideNext Slide Wind power, old and new, west of Bowling Green. A new bill would freeze at current levels the amount of wind energy Ohio utilities must use. (Photo: ASSOCIATED PRESS ) In a victory for clean energy advocates, Gov. John Kasich Tuesday again broke with fellow Ohio Republicans, vetoing […]