Is Pakistan's solar power poised to take off amid energy crisis? – Reuters

By Rina Saeed Khan ISLAMABAD, May 8 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) – Solar energy production in Pakistan is poised to take off – just as the South Asian country is ramping up coal production to help plug a crippling power crisis, energy experts say. New high quality solar maps – essential to securing financing for major […]

Yale Recognized for Innovative Power Solutions with SDCE Green … –

GREENVILLE, N.C. (April 20, 2017) – This weekend, one billion people in 192 countries will celebrate the 47th annual Earth Day, raising awareness for environmental protection and promoting green practices. Yale Materials Handling Corporation takes a leading role helping operations achieve strategic supply chain sustainability goals, as evidenced by its 2016 SDCE Green Supply Chain Award from Supply & Demand […]

FACT CHECK: Did Sen. Jeff Flake State Solar Energy Can't Power … –

CLAIM At an Arizona town hall event, Sen. Jeff Flake told constituents “we can’t rely on solar power because we can’t tell people they will not have lights during the night.” RATING mixture WHAT’S TRUE Senator Jeff Flake made the remark attributed to him (in paraphrased form) during a town hall meeting in Mesa, Arizona, […]

California is getting so much power from solar that wholesale electricity prices are turning negative – Quartz

The extraordinary success of solar power in some pockets of the world that combine sunshine with high investment in the technology mean that governments and energy companies are having radically to rethink the way they manage—and charge for—electricity. California is one such a place. On March 11, it passed a milestone on the route to […]

Tesla's new solar energy station will power Hawaii at night – Engadget – Engadget

The Kapaia project is a combination 13MW SolarCity solar farm and 53MWh Tesla Powerpack station on the island of Kauai. In partnership with the KIUC (Kauai Island Utility Cooperative) the project will store the sun’s energy during the day and release it at night. The station (along with Kauai’s other renewable resource solutions including wind […]

Electrek green energy brief: Investment in solar power funds, climate science in 1859, solar 1.4% of US electricity … – Electrek

Foresight targets new 250MW UK pipeline with fresh placing – In essence, the group is selling shares in a cross section of solar projects. I don’t know exactly how it pays out – but it would seem logical to get some sort of payment for the electricity being sold in a near real time basis. What […]

POWER RANGERS: Latest TV Spot Adds More Fuel To The Green … – Comic Book Movie (satire) (press release) (registration) (blog)

A new TV spot for the Power Rangers reboot has been released, featuring footage of Rita Repulsa confronting Trini which possibly adds a little fire to the popular Green Ranger theory. Come check it out! Ever since the first look photos of Elizabeth Banks as Rita Repulsa were released, there’s been a pretty major theory […]

Iowa power company attempting to generate its own solar energy – KETV Omaha

WOODBINE, Iowa — Just north of Omaha in Woodbine, Iowa, a power company is trying something new: generating its own solar energy. Advertisement The government touts the renewable-energy benefits of solar power. One thing that’s not talked about too much is the energy independence panels can bring rural power companies. “We think it’s doing really […]

Study: Solar Energy Could Power Pacemakers – Yahoo News

Study: Solar Energy Could Power Pacemakers More Researchers say energy from ambient sunlight may be a possible alternative to battery power for pacemakers and other medical implants, according to a study published recently in the international journal Annals of Biomedical Engineering. Cardiac pacemakers are usually powered by batteries that must be replaced or recharged every […]