Alan Hess organizes first exhibition of Wright collaborator and California architect Aaron G. Green – The Architect’s Newspaper

Historian Alan Hess has organized an exhibition showcasing the work of California architect—and Frank Lloyd Wright collaborator—Aaron G. Green at the Palos Verdes Art Center (PVAC) in Los Angeles. Green was a close associate of Wright’s and also a prolific and highly-regarded architect in his own right who spent six decades practicing architecture, mainly in […]

State-wide Florida vote rejects anti-solar energy law. (Courtesy Wayne National Forest/Flickr) – The Architect's Newspaper

In Florida, solar power advocates defeated a major amendment cleverly crafted to thwart the expansion of solar energy within the Sunshine State. Amendment 1, known as Solar Energy Subsidies and Personal Solar Use, was rejected last week after it failed to accumulate the 60 percent of voter support required to pass. There was a particularly […]

New lawn, new dawn: Zaha Hadid Architects designs all-wood stadium for UK soccer minnows Forest Green Rovers – The Architect's Newspaper

In many ways, it’s fitting that a team who was the world’s first all-vegan soccer club and has the word “Forest” in their name should play in a stadium made entirely of wood. That is about to become a reality for U.K. hipster soccer minnows (think minor league) Forest Green Rovers from the sleepy town of […]

Diva Chicks ARTful Boutique – Community Impact Newspaper

Business empowers women with style At Diva Chicks ARTful Boutique, fashion and comfort blend into styles for almost any woman’s body type. Co-owners Kay Briggs and Edda Rivera opened the shop July 25, 2011. Before taking on the joint venture, both worked at different businesses on the Square. Briggs was a general manager at Good […]