Electrek green energy brief: Apple+Buffett for 200MW, US Utility solar at $1/W, 90MW offshore wind for NY, more – Electrek

Apple agrees to purchase solar energy from 200MW Warren Buffet farm – Apple & NV Energy, owned by Warren Buffett, have agreed to build a 200MW solar power farm whose power will be sold to Apple for purpose of powering an Apple data center. A 200MW solar farm in Nevada, at retail rates, will cost […]

6 Ways You Can Be More Eco-friendly at Home – Blue & Green Tomorrow

Some people might see the term eco-friendly and think it’s a costly lifestyle choice and one that requires far too much effort, but having a greener lifestyle doesn’t need to be expensive or difficult. There are lots of small changes that can make a big difference, here a few to get you started. 1. Consider […]

Audit: More information needed on green building benefits – Pamplin Media Group

JW_DISQUS_VIEW_COMMENTS Although the City Council requires that new and remodeled city-owned buildings meet high green standards to help protect the environment, tracking the costs and benefits of the requirements is incomplete and needs more attention, according to an audit released Thursday. “While the City made progress in achieving some specific goals from the green building […]

Study: Green energy is 5 times more expensive than conventional power – NewBostonPost (blog)

By Andrew Follett | July 28, 2016, 6:39 EDT Printed from: http://newbostonpost.com/2016/07/28/study-green-energy-is-5-times-more-expensive-than-conventional-power/ (Courtesy of Wikipedia) Electricity from new wind and solar power is 2.5 to five times more expensive than electricity from existing conventional power sources, according to a study published Tuesday by the free-market Institute for Energy Research (IER). IER’s study found that new solar and […]

New Green Challenge: How to Grow More Food on Less Land – Yale Environment 360

21 Mar 2016: Analysis If the world is to have another Green Revolution to feed its soaring population, it must be far more sustainable than the first one. That means finding ways to boost yields with less fertilizer and rethinking the way food is distributed. by richard conniff USAID/Cambodia HARVEST/Fintrac Inc A field technician teaches […]

Are Solar Energy Yieldcos Worth More Than Investors Think? – 24/7 Wall St.

As the price of crude oil has dropped more than 50% since last year at this time, the stock prices of producers like Exxon, Chevron and Apache have fallen by around 22% to more than 50%. Along with that drop, solar energy stocks have dropped by about 24% to as much as 34% in the […]

A more eco-friendly lawn is just steps away – SW News Media

Maintaining a lush lawn is a healthy and rewarding hobby that affords homeowners to spend some time outdoors in nature. Lawn enthusiasts can make their hobby even healthier by adopting several eco-friendly lawn care strategies that not only make for a healthier lawn, but a healthier planet as well. Cut back on harmful pesticides. Many […]

Green energy sector generates more jobs than fossil fuel industry – ZME Science

A report jointly released by the United Nations Industrial Development Organisation (UNIDO) and the Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI) concludes that if countries, developed or developing alike, commit to investing 1.5 per cent of GDP per year into renewable energy and energy efficiency projects then these efforts would generate significant economic growth and new job opportunities. The latter is sort […]

Why more conservatives are backing solar power – CNBC

As solar energy becomes more affordable for more Americans, pushback from utility companies has also increased as they try to maintain their market share, according to Goldwater and others. (The utility industry consistently says that it wants to work with solar, not against it.) Since 2010, the average cost to install a solar electric system […]