How Roofs Can Play A Key Role In Sustainable Architecture – Living Architecture Monitor magazine (press release) (blog)

December 22, 2016– As the green and sustainable building trend moves into the mainstream, we can begin to evaluate the impact and roles that different parts of the building’s envelope play on overall sustainability and contribute to reducing the carbon footprint. The result has been healthier, more productive buildings that last longer, consume far less […]

How To Take Eco-Friendly Living To The Next Level –

You know when you buy a product that you really love and you end up raving about it to anyone who will listen? That’s kind of how going green feels. Once you do all the work it takes to minimize your carbon footprint, you find yourself eager to help others do the same. Unfortunately, it can […]

The Grass That’s “Greener”: Sustainable Landscaping for City Living – Lavender Magazine

With summer right around the corner, most Minnesotans are in full lawn-maintenance mode. The hiss of sprinkler systems is starting to join the chorus of morning birds, and the roar of lawn mowers disrupts the tranquility of fresh spring afternoons. Many people are spending hours out in their yards, not yet enjoying the spaces, but […]

How Living a Sustainable Lifestyle is a Great Way to Give Back – Huffington Post

Many millennials are busy making their mark in the world and thinking about their future. From seeking out rewarding careers to making good financial decisions, many of today’s millennials are smart and future-focused. Living a sustainable or ‘green’ lifestyle also needs to be a high priority for younger generations since taking steps to take care […]

Study finds the key to happiness is living an eco-friendly lifestyle –

As Earth Month (April) approaches, a new Tetra Pak Renewable Living survey of 2,000 U.S. and Canadian consumers shows that 80 percent of people report feeling happier when making eco-minded choices. Also, ten bloggers from around the world who took Tetra Pak’s 28-day renewability challenge – adopting simple, renewable habits each day – discovered that […]