How To Take Eco-Friendly Living To The Next Level –

You know when you buy a product that you really love and you end up raving about it to anyone who will listen? That’s kind of how going green feels. Once you do all the work it takes to minimize your carbon footprint, you find yourself eager to help others do the same. Unfortunately, it can […]

Remarkable Forest Hotel Takes Green Architecture to a Whole New Level – EcoWatch

Don’t miss out. Stay Informed. Get EcoWatch’s Top News of the Day. We’ve heard of vertical gardens but what about vertical forests? The Mountain Forest Hotel in Guizhou, China’s Wanfeng Valley is a carbon-sucking, sky-high marvel created by Milan-based architect Stefano Boeri. The Mountain Forest Hotel, located in Guizhou, China, is so green that it […]

‘Steelhenge’ Takes Shipping Containers To Another Level – Green Building Elements

December 22nd, 2015 by Dawn Killough Swiss architecture firm Bureau A recreated the iconic Stonehenge with shipping containers for the first edition of the biennale for independent art spaces in Geneva, BIG. Using 50 containers, the firm was commissioned to create an open air venue that would function as a space for attendees to congregate. “We […]

Like Sea Level, Times Environmental Coverage on the Rise – New York Times (blog)

It’s hard to dispute the public’s dismay over climate change. When hundreds of thousands of people take to the Manhattan streets, as they did in the People’s Climate March last month, something big is clearly happening. But a year ago, the signs weren’t particularly good for coverage of the environment in The New York Times. […]