YouGov study reveals positive trends toward greener community among UAE residents – Gulf News Journal

A recent study by YouGov, an international internet-based market research firm, sheds light on the positive trend among UAE residents to build a greener community.  The research was conducted online by interviewing members of YouGov’s online research panel in the MENA region, which currently has over 500,000 members across 21 countries in MENA, as well […]

Singapore is getting way greener thanks to this architectural firm – The Real Deal Magazine

Singapore is getting way greener thanks to this architectural firm WOHA wants to fill the city with tropical vertical ecosystems July 31, 2016 05:15PM Parkroyal on Pickering tower in Singapore From the New York site: Construction goes around the clock in the dense nation state of Singapore. But increasingly, the wealthy island is turning away […]

The Grass That’s “Greener”: Sustainable Landscaping for City Living – Lavender Magazine

With summer right around the corner, most Minnesotans are in full lawn-maintenance mode. The hiss of sprinkler systems is starting to join the chorus of morning birds, and the roar of lawn mowers disrupts the tranquility of fresh spring afternoons. Many people are spending hours out in their yards, not yet enjoying the spaces, but […]

Dorm life can be made greener with some tricks – Daily Trojan Online

Living in a college dorm or apartment is often not “eco-friendly.” The green lifestyle is a difficult and sometimes expensive endeavor. With convenience and comfort driving the average college student’s way of life, being environmentally friendly can take a “back burner” position. However, there are many ways that college students can “go green” and practice […]

Living Happier and Healthier: What a Green Lifestyle Can Do for You – Greener Ideal

Many people believe that making the switch to green living involves giving something up. However, that is not the case. Living an eco-friendly lifestyle benefits you and your family tremendously. Making the change is easy, the lifestyle can be quite fun, and ultimately, you’ll be healthier and happier as a result of your choice. The […]

Exercising the Eco-Friendly Way: 5 Tips for Success – Greener Ideal

Exercising the Eco-Friendly Way: 5 Tips for Success Many people are finding small ways to make their daily life a little “greener.” You may be surprised to learn that altering your workout routine can make a big difference when it comes to the health of the environment. Losing weight and staying in shape isn’t easy, […]

Green Home Ideas: Smart Technology that Won’t Break the Bank – Greener Ideal

Green Home Ideas: Smart Technology that Won’t Break the Bank Green technology products used to be quite expensive, putting them out of reach for the average family. However, that has changed, and there are now a number of eco-friendly gadgets on the market that are not only affordable but can also help you save money […]

How To Throw An Eco-Friendly Picnic Party – Greener Ideal

There’s really nothing like a picnic to take advantage of the sun. On the other hand, there’s really nothing like a picnic to generate way too much waste. If you’re environmentally conscious though, there’s nothing to stop you from throwing an eco-friendly picnic party – just follow these simple tips and tricks for an all-round […]

2 Reasons Why Green Building Is Important – Greener Ideal

Our natural resources are limited and there needs to be a change in the way we live if we want to ensure that we would be able to pass on these benefits to future generations. One great way of making sure our lifestyles become more sustainable is to invest into green building. Green building is […]