Malaysia's Green Energy Path – National Geographic

The Asia-Pacific region will play a pivotal role in realizing the goals of the Paris Climate Change Agreement. In this vein, I am presenting here select excerpts of an annotated interview with one of Malaysia’s leading technology advisors, Prof. G. Lalchand that was conducted by the Institution of Engineers of Malaysia (IEM). Malaysia is often […]

Going for Green. Seeing Solutions. – National Geographic

Energy Everywhere Geysers, hot springs, steam vents, and mudpots are some of the vividly visible indications that Yellowstone National Park is among Earth’s most geologically dynamic areas. Stretched across 3,468 square miles in Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho, and centered over North America’s largest super volcano, the majestic area is celebrated by scientists and travelers for […]

Solar Panels Floating on Water Will Power Japan’s Homes – National Geographic

Nowadays, bodies of water aren’t necessarily something to build around—they’re something to build on. They sport not just landfills and man-made beaches but also, in a nascent global trend, massive solar power plants. Clean energy companies are turning to lakes, wetlands, ponds, and canals as building grounds for sunlight-slurping photovoltaic panels. So far, floating solar […]

Expert Voices: Paul Reale, Urban Green Council (the New York Chapter of the … – National Geographic

Of all the ways commercial real estate owners can spend capital, those of us in favor of environmental initiatives hope that cost-saving “energy retrofits” are somewhere near the top of that list. Unfortunately, given the way many leases are structured, it’s not on the list at all. The “split-incentive problem” has gotten in the way […]