Father & daughter architects open firm together in York – York Daily Record/Sunday News

CLOSE Jim and Adrienne Williams are a father-daughter team at Williams Architects in York Paul Kuehnel Adrienne, left, and Jim Williams are a father-daughter team at Williams Architects in York. Adrienne, 28, left a firm in Lancaster and went into business with her father.(Photo: Paul Kuehnel, Paul Kuehnel) Adrienne Williams isn’t following in her father’s footsteps […]

Four-stroke engine cycle produces hydrogen from methane, captures carbon dioxide – Science Daily

When is an internal combustion engine not an internal combustion engine? When it’s been transformed into a modular reforming reactor that could make hydrogen available to power fuel cells wherever there’s a natural gas supply available. By adding a catalyst, a hydrogen separating membrane and carbon dioxide sorbent to the century-old four-stroke engine cycle, researchers […]

OU students, alumni work to maintain environmentally friendly lifestyles on campus – The Oklahoma Daily

When disposing of waste is as easy as dumping it down the trash shoot and precooked meals are steps away in Couch Restaurants, it can be difficult for students living in residence halls to remember their environmental impact. However, students like Grace McCullough, environmental engineering freshman, believe they can make environmentally conscious choices every day. […]

Navy Brass: 'Shortsighted' For Trump Not To Fight Climate Change With Green Energy – Daily Caller

5422871 Navy brass is pushing for GOP President-elect Donald Trump to keep green energy projects alive in the military to combat climate change. At a recent exhibition of renewable energy technology at the Twentynine Palms Marine Corps base, Navy leadership touted the benefits of moving away from fossil fuels, claiming that scrapping these programs would be […]

River Bend Solar Energy Center operational, selling solar power – Times Daily

OAKLAND – Van Wardlaw, Executive Vice President of External Relations for the Tennessee Valley Authority, said in 2009 TVA officials sat down and looked at the future of energy resources for the valley. “And today we have this. We are here at the dedication of a solar farm,” Wardlaw said Friday. TVA officials along with […]

Shuttered Nuclear Plants Aren't Being Replaced by Green Energy – Daily Signal

Natural gas and other conventional energy sources are replacing power generated by shuttered nuclear reactors, according to federal energy data. Despite numerous claims that solar and wind power would replace nuclear sources, both wind and solar combined have historically replaced only a small fraction of shuttered capacity. The same pattern is expected to continue as […]

Increasing recognition of green building influencing buyers' decisions – Naples Daily News

Florida Green Building Coalition members, such as Hardwick General Contracting of Orlando, deliver energy efficient and green certified homes whether through renovation or new construction.(Photo: Stephen Allen, Stephen Allen Photography, sallenphoto.com) With more than 21,000 certified green homes in Florida as of Dec. 31, 2015 by the three major certifying organizations, it’s evident that consumer knowledge […]

Green Building Entrepreneurs Think Sustainability is Key to Economic Growth – Business News Daily

Credit: ponsulak/Shutterstock From improving energy efficiency to mitigating the impacts of climate change, businesses have been working to meet the demand of a marketplace that’s ever-more ecologically conscious. One industry in which this shift has been markedly noticeable is construction, where companies have turned to new, more efficient techniques. “In major markets now, conventional construction […]

Sustainability Summit seeks environmental solutions from students – Daily Nebraskan

It’s an event for students interested in helping create a better and more sustainable community for now and for the future. The second annual Sustainability Summit will be held Sept. 6 in the Nebraska Union. The Sustainability Summit will be hosted by the University of Nebraska-Lincoln’s environmental studies program. The event will kick off with […]