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Avocados have never been more prolific: on toast, with eggs, in sandwiches, on salads, and, of course, guacamole. In the past few years the avocado has been crowned the king of fruit.

In addition to our ruinous ecological impact overall, it seems we’re also wasting a large portion of the fruit (26% according to studies): the skin and the pit. The pit of the avocado doesn’t provide any nutrition, but scientists have discovered that it could be the perfect fuel.


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The Universities of Córdoba and Almería recently conducted a study on the pit, which has historically been difficult to recycle. The results show that avocado pits have huge potential to be used for fuel both at home and on an industrial scale. Avocado seeds can produce 19,145 megajoules (units of energy) per kilo, which is an optimum value according to researchers.

Efficiency and ecology

As fuel, the avocado pit would be more efficient than almond skins and olive pits which are both currently being used as natural fuels. It could also be used to replace wood, which would be more ecological not only because it would reduce the number of trees being cut down, but also because wood needs to be dried before it can be burnt as fuel – whereas avocado pits are ready to burn.

It’s high time we had a use for the refuse accumulating in hipster cafes across the world. The global consumption of avocados is getting out of control. In the last twenty years, avocado production has risen 139%.

Apart from using them as fuel, we could also start drinking them as infusions or applying them to our hair and skin. It seems their revitalizing properties are endless.

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